Updated to Web Edition 1.1.0, now all backups of network drives are failing

As the title says, just updated from 1.0.2 to 1.1.0. I moved all files from [my home directory].duplicacy-web to C:\ProgramData.duplicacy-web. All backup jobs appear in the interface but when I try to run them they all fail with the error “Failed to load the Google Drive storage at gcd://Duplicacy: open Z:/gcd-token.json: The system cannot find the path specified.” Z: is my NAS, I tried changing the user account that the service runs under as Local System may have trouble accessing mapped network drives, but nothing changed.

I’d appreciate a solution ASAP as I have no backups at the moment.

Windows services can’t access mapped network drives, but there are solutions: How to access mapped directory from a windows service - Super User

Just as a reminder for anyone using the symlink solution: duplicacy follows symlinks only in the root directory of the repository.

The solution with the symlink doesn’t work.
I create one symlink with command

mklink / D D:\Video \MyNAS\Video

From windows I can access the NAS files via the symlink and I succeeded to create the backup task in Duplicacy, but when I’m running the backup, Duplicacy service can’t access any files

Failed to list the directory: open D:/Music: Accès refusé.