Upgrade and Migrate

Not sure if this has been asked before but my search didn’t show any useful info…

So it’s time to migrate from Windows 7 to 10 and I did a clean install on the system that backs up using Duplicacy to B2. When I checked back here for the latest and greatest I find there is a version with a WebUI! Awesome!

Now I have a fresh machine (Same Data to be backed up) but I need to do a fresh install of Duplicacy. So how do I configure so that it ‘continues’ at B2. I don’t want to have to re-upload everything.

Do I simply init the program and it’ll just work?

If you use the same storage url and backup id, you’ll be able to continue from last revision.

To use the same backup id, in this dialog click the green button next to the Backup ID field and then select the existing backup id from the list:

But even if you use a new backup id, it won’t upload everything because most chunks are already in the storage. It will just start from revision 1.

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot :slight_smile: