Upgrade from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0 and conversion to run as a service

I’m getting in a bit of a muddle trying to upgrade existing Duplicacy Web installs from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0 in order to convert to using run-as-a-service on Windows.

If I have an existing install with a settings folder configured as c:\users\myuser.duplicacy.web, after I install 1.1.0 using the “as a service” option I also have a .duplicacy.web folder in c:\programdata. I understand from the docs that’s the expected location for settings when running as a service.

However when I open the Duplicacy website my existing settings are all still there and I’m unclear 1) which settings location is actually being used, and 2) whether Duplicacy is running as a service or running under the user - how can I tell?


Here’s an earlier post I made about this upgrade procedure:

You have to be careful you’re not already running the normal Duplicacy Web Edition program from the desktop icon, when you have the service installed.

In fact, I’d delete that icon and replace it with a bookmark to (Optionally, you can also change the icon to the duplicacy.ico installed in ‘Program Files’ to make it look like the original icon.)

To resolve your situation, look for the Duplicacy icon in the tray and Quit. Then run services.msc and stop the Duplicacy service. Move your user’s .duplicacy-web configuration to C:\ProgramData and start the service. Open in your browser. Enter encryption password.


Thanks for that. That’s almost what I was doing… apart from the uninstall of the old version.
Thank you for clarifying the steps :smile: