Upgrading from Duplicacy Web Edition Beta 0.2.10

I’ve been using old Windows and Web versions for few years and I really like the product.
It’s time now to upgrade to a latest Windows web version. Because I’m upgrading from beta, I’d like to ask if there’s anything special I need to do before upgrade to keep all my settings - I don’t want to start from scratch, too many backup jobs are configured and too many chunks were already uploaded. Redoing all of this will take weeks.

From the git log there doesn’t seem to be any compatibility issues between 0.2.10 and the current version. If you want to be sure, install 0.2.10 on a test machine and create a few backups then upgrade to 1.4.1 and check if there are any issues.

I installed 1.4.1 via Windows installer. Binaries were installed in a different folder and they did not pick up any settings from older version (0 storages, 0 backups after setting the password)
I had to disable new Windows service temporarily to allow old version keep working.
Please explain how to copy/export/import settings from the old version to the new one

Old: C:\Program Files (x86)\DuplicacyWebEdition\duplicacy_web_win_x64_0.2.10.exe running as simple executable
New: C:\Program Files\Duplicacy Web Edition\duplicacy_web_win_x64_1.4.1.exe, installed as a service

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Assuming there wasn’t much difference in configuration between the beta version, you should have a .duplicacy-web directory somewhere - probably in the root of your user profile (C:\Users\<username>). This needs to be moved into C:\ProgramData for the service mode.

Make sure you Quit any Duplicacy running in the icon tray before copying/moving .duplicacy-web across. When you start the new service, you’ll notice there isn’t an tray icon, but you can access the web interface via the default address I’d suggest make a bookmark of it and delete the original Duplicacy shortcut on your desktop to avoid confusion.

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That worked, at least for web UI, thanks.
Will check for any backup-related issues in the morning, hoping will not see any.

Backups were failing

2020-12-04 02:00:08.274 ERROR LIST_FAILURE Failed to list the repository root: open \?\M:\photo-other: The system cannot find the path specified.
Failed to list the repository root: open \?\M:\photo-other: The system cannot find the path specified.

M: is a mapped network share (SMB), pointed to \\media
It looks like (unlike older version that was running under Administrator) “Local System” account (under which the service is running) cannot see that drive letter.

At this point I added a script to system startup (via Task Scheduler) to map the drive under system account. I’m wondering if there an easier/cleaner way to do this…

When dealing with network drives, your best bet might be to create a separate user account (with administrator rights on the client side) that you can run the service under - instead of System.

I haven’t tested this recently, but this is something I had to do with CrashPlan back in the day…

You’d have to modify the Duplicacy service and set the ‘Log on as’ to this user account. Create a corresponding user account with the same password on the file server. Then, instead of a mapped network drive letter, create a symbolic link to the UNC share:

mkdir "C:\NetworkShareMount"
mklink /d "C:\NetworkShareMount" \\\media

Backup this location instead of M:\

However, with the above methodology, if your network share is offline, Duplicacy would backup an empty location, causing subsequent good backups to take longer as it rehashes everything. So you may want to have some kinda pre-script check in there.

Otherwise, it’s better to run Duplicacy directly on the file server - if that’s an option.

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The “server” is Synology NAS. Do we have now a mature/reliable way to run Duplicacy there? I recall 2 years ago that was still experimental/buggy…

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