Uploaded file but failed to store EOF



Yes - Synology. It’s a trouble ? ) Another job backup to this SFTP stored without error.
I was completely delete the job, and start back up again. About 8 hours remaining )


Welcome to the club :slight_smile: Synology modified their SSH/SFTP server so it does not exactly conform to what’s expected of it.

The quick fix would be to add another / after your URL; e.g. sftp://user@synobox.local//Backups/Duplciacy

Don’t delete the job, just modify the URL everywhere. you find it (don’t remember exactly where web-ui stores it; but duplciacy CLI expects it in preferences file)


I don’t know about it :slightly_frowning_face:

Too late - I already deleted it :grinning:

I correctly understood that instead of now


I should have


in web it’s stored in json file


I agree, that is not ideal. Here are prior discussion on this::



I have about 5 users backing up to my Synology via SFTP. Only one local computer has a problem.

It has gotten better with the latest version of Duplicacy… I think maybe there are retries now implemented in the code which probably helps.


Three different tasks completed successfully and without errors after adding to the path “/”. I think this solution need add to FAQ for Synology users.
Path stored in duplicacy.json file and after make change in path - the program must be restarted for reload settings.


I’m glad it worked!

It is actually mentioned here:


I have experienced a similar problem with another SFTP server as well (freeftpd via VPN connection). I don’t remember now if it was the exact same problem, but the solution was the same :slight_smile: .