Version 2.1.1 beta is available for testing


Download links:

Changes for beta 4 build 3f025f:

  • Add a WebDAV backend
  • Fixed a bug in handling of WakeUpDelay on macOS
  • Add a per job registry entry ShadowCopyTimeout to set VSS creation timeout


Just double checking… no ftp retries… right?


Not yet. I’ll try to get it into 2.1.1.


Just loaded this on our macs… will let you know how it goes!

pinned globally #5


I can haz linux?

Edit: Oh, sorry, I just realized this is the beta for the GUI version. So I understand why Linux has ben left out.


OK, running 2.1.1 beta 4 on my macbook air (OS-X)
Just saw a popup error on wake up that was a “failed to load” to B2, “TLS timeout”
It did go on to successfully backup. So just an annoying popup error…