[Vertical backup] <type 'exceptions.MemoryError'>

We are evaluating vertical backup solution for our ESXi node.

Running check sub-command always fails with the exception of “MemoryError”.

My request to vertical:

time -p ./vertical --print-stack -vv check MariaDB@my-esxi-node -r 1


Vertical Backup 1.4.0
vm names: ['MariaDB@my-esxi-node'], check all: False, revisions: ['1'], tags: None, verify chunks: False
Attempting to read from environment variable VB_B2_ACCOUNT
Attempting to read b2_account from file '/vmfs/volumes/xxxxxxxxx/_scripts/vertical/.verticalbackup/passwords'
Attempting to read from environment variable VB_B2_KEY
Attempting to read b2_key from file '/vmfs/volumes/xxxxxxxxxx/_scripts/vertical/.verticalbackup/passwords'
Authorization succeeded
Storage set to b2://my-vm-backup
Attempting to read from environment variable VB_PASS
Attempting to read pass from file '/vmfs/volumes/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/_scripts/vertical/.verticalbackup/passwords'
URL request https://f003.backblazeb2.com/file/my-vm-backup/nesting returned status code 404
Chunk read levels: [1], write level: 1
URL request https://f003.backblazeb2.com/file/my-vm-backup/config.vb returned status code 404
Retrieved backup MariaDB@my-esxi-node at revision 1 from the local cache
Downloaded backup MariaDB@my-esxi-node revision 1 tag 
Listing all chunks
<type 'exceptions.MemoryError'> 

runtime: 73.94 sec

So no stack trace avail, verbose mode did not help either. It simply stops with exception.

Note: I have tried with all VM’s, small ones, big ones, same error each time.

A process running directly on an ESXi host can only use a limited amount of memory (less than 1GB) regardless of how much physical memory the ESXi host has. So when your storage becomes large enough you won’t be able to run the check or prune commands which need to load the list of all chunks into memory.

You can run Duplicacy instead for check and prune. The web GUI doesn’t require a license for non-backup operations.