VSS not supported for non-local repository path warning for USB APFS disk

Hello, I have an external NVMe USB-C disk with APFS format I use as extra swappable storage on Mac. I get an a warning about using Duplicacy with vss option.
VSS not supported for non-local repository path
Will there be support added for this at some point?

On macOS Duplicacy asks Time Machine to create snapshot for it. Time machine is not supported on external drives, and hence Duplicacy cannot create snapshot there.

Of course Apple doesn’t support proper snapshot capabilities like ZFS! Uhg. For some reason I was thinking by now they would have better support for that, but I guess not. If I can speed up ZFS on Mac maybe I’ll look into that.

I didn’t realize Duplicacy used Time Machine as the snapshot handler, makes sense. Thanks for the quick response.

Why “of course”? And what is “proper snapshot capabilities”?

And why do you say they are not supported when they clearly are and pointed out in the post linked to above?

There is full support for snapshots in APFS. How else time machine makes them?! With magic dust?

Or what do you mean by “that”?

What in the world do you want zfs on a Mac for when you already have modem filesystem — APFS, and even if it was there — how would that change the fact that Duplicacy does not use filesystem facilities to create snapshots? It’s Duplicacy issue, not Apples.