Vss option in Web Gui


Love this program. have my backups working but have to close outlook to back up pst files.
Found that if you add the -vss to the options area in the web gui it should utilize vss in windows and hopefully would copy the pst while its open. However, when I add -vss to options under by back up job.
When it runs I get an error in the log saying only adminstrators can conduct vss.

So I see that in the CLI you should run duplicacy with administatrion rights, which I can do running CLI.
But when running from web gui, how can I have it invoke duplicacy with admin rights in windows?


In order to use VSS, you’ll need to run the Web GUI as administrator (right-click the desktop icon > Run as administrator).

Unfortunately, at this time, there’s no easy way to automatically start Duplicacy with elevated privileges like this, without a convoluted batch file of some kind and Task Scheduler. And even then, it runs the web browser as admin, which you don’t really want for security reasons. I don’t believe the ‘Start on login’ option by right-clicking Duplicacy’s icon tray will run as admin either.

Until Duplicacy Web Edition gets a service mode, which effectively would be run elevated, I’ve taken to run Duplicacy as admin manually (after first opening my browser normally so it does get run as elevated).

You can make this faster by modifying the desktop shortcut (right-click Properties > Shortcut tab > Advanced… button > tick Run as administrator). Then, whenever you double-click the icon, it automatically runs that way.


Thank you!.. That worked!

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