Wake machine to do backup

Web-UI needs a configurable option to wake sleeping machine to do scheduled backup.

The most common usecase is when photo library or iCloud is synced during dark wakes that don’t coincide with the cadence of backups.

And then of course this will also be necessary:


Is this on Mac?

If so maybe you can use the caffeinate command which says “wake up and stay up until the process completes.” (This example is not related to duplicacy despite the “backup” name.)

# Backup parallels dir to NAS 
05  00  *   *   6       /usr/bin/caffeinate -s /Users/me/scripts/backup-parallels.sh >> /Users/me/logs/backup-parallels.log 2>&1

No, you can’t. WebUI should be setting power assertions and interacting with the scheduler to manage scheduled wakes. Sine we don’t have source only gchen can implement that. Hence, this feature request.

If on the other hand you are building your own solution around duplicacy cli — then launchd is all you need; caffeinate is not necessary either.

Edit. Btw, -s is probably not what you want; -w would likely be more appropriate.

Now that you have me checking man pages I realize this was wrong - caffeinate only keeps the system up if it’s awake. To wake it up I had to add a schedule in System Preferences -> Battery

Any update on this? Seems like a necessary feature for the web-ui version as it’s causing me a lot of issues.

You can workaround this with duplicacy CLI and your OSes scheduler (launchd or Windows Scheduler)

I’m much more comfortable with (and have paid for) the web-ui version so I’d prefer to stick with that. Surprised to see that sleep is an issue with Duplicacy either way though.

Oh, absolutely, the whole point of using UI tool is to not need to deal internals like that. It’s just if you need to make backups with with sleep today — there is this alternative way.