Want finally delete snapshot from repository. How does that work?

I do have some snapshots in my repository which do not have any chunks. I now want to delete those snapshots finally. I read the guide, tried to prune the snapshots but it does not work. When I run check, I still get the empty snapshots listed for that repository.
Any help is highly appreciated.

I believe you have to run prune with the -exclusive flag on the last remaining revision of a snapshot, but even when that last revision is removed, there may be an empty snapshot directory on the storage (which will show up in check as an empty repository ID).

In either case, you can remove the snapshot folder manually on the storage and then run prune -exhaustive to clean up the remaining chunks.


Thanks - got it now. Had already run that prune job with the -exclusive flag.

Deleting the remaining empty folders on storage site did the job.

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