WARN CHUNK_DELETE Failed to remove the file ... File not present

Running the command:

-log prune -storage Backblaze-B2 -id Duplicacy-config -keep 0:365 -keep 7:90 -keep 1:7 -threads 4

Resulted in the warning:

WARN CHUNK_DELETE Failed to remove the file chunks/fe/7729417c993e88cc7da3de432e9b1891b5683a80a659c7be304e11eefaabe3.fsl: URL request 'https://api000.backblazeb2.com/b2api/v1/b2_delete_file_version' returned 400 File not present: chunks/fe/7729417c993e88cc7da3de432e9b1891b5683a80a659c7be304e11eefaabe3 4_zb3083158c24667c375580610_f105cf062882c4ed8_d20210331_m075614_c000_v0001079_t0038

Subsequent check of the storage reported that all referenced chunks exist. May be related to recent addition of -threads 4 option to prune command.

prune-20210402-000931.log.txt (34.5 KB)

I had this issue this morning too. I suspect B2 may have been experiencing some kind of temporary issue.

The chunk with that name exists on B2, but without the .fsl extension.

This is normal. A .fsl file is called a fossil in Duplicacy’s terminology and means a chunk that is not referenced by any backup. In B2 you won’t see any chunk file with the .fsl extension. Instead, a fossil is implemented as a hidden version.

A fossil can disappear if an earlier prune operation already deleted it or turned it back into a normal chunk.