Wasabi in Web version working only with us-east-1?

Web windows version
in us-east-1 all working but very slow speed for me

if i try us-west-1 or eu-central-1 get error message
Failed to list the buckets: AuthorizationHeaderMalformed: The authorization header is malformed; the region 'us-west-1' is wrong; expecting 'us-east-1' status code: 400,


Without answering the question directly — I think it’s judt Wasabi bugs. I did not use eu datacenter, but I did use us-west-1 and us-east-1. The former is a trainwreck. I don’t think there was a contiguous week during last year where it wasn’t broken in some way. The latter was fairly solid, with just a handful of outages.

What I’m trying to say it might as way be Wasabi quality issues.

And another tangential off-topic comment: since wasabi discontinued Legacy plans and increased cost of UE plan by 20% for new users there is no more reason to put up with abysmal quality and greedy 90 minimum day retention fees; when there are other services like Backblaze B2 that is cheaper and in my experience way more reliable. I used to recommend wasabi but not anymore. So, why not B2? :slight_smile:

When I was choosing between Backblaze B2 and Wasabi - the cost for me was lower in Wasabi . Maybe now something has changed, I will check.
I old Wasabi customer and increased cost did not touch me.
In Wasabi i like the simple plan when there are no hidden fees. 90 minimum day retention fees of course I don’t like :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, I think the change is just for new customers.

This may not be much, but depending on your data turnover and pruning aggressiveness can amount to quite a bit of overpaying – effectively you are always paying for storing every single differential version of your data for at least three month; when GFS policy of hours/days/weeks would have sufficed.

Another annoyance is minimum 1TB charge – it’s probably OK since most people have more data – but I think this is cheap move on their end. its not like having an account in the database cost them five bucks a month to maintain… I’m really salty at them – expensive, buggy and greedy.

Check here, under Wasabi the different URLs that should be used: Supported storage backends.

It seems that each region has a different string.

Thank you - it’s working

I understand correctly that in this case there will be no problems with rename operation to avoid extra charges ?

as long as you use wasabi backend and not s3, yeah.

The number of simultaneous downloads can be increased?
Now there is only one. Or is it the limitations of the Wasabi ?

all the storages can have multiple threads and this is recommended for everything over the internet (so excepting local or lan storages).

How can i enable this in web version ? I see only one connection (in network connections list) to Wasabi in connections list and speed is about 300 kbps.

i would expect you enable it in the backup job. maybe the web version doesn’t have that just yet added?

In json file i see two option place related to this repository (Wasabi)

 "global_options": "",
 "options": "",
 "filters": false,

where to enter -threads ? in “option” ?

That’s right?

 "global_options": "",
 "options": "-threads 10",
 "filters": false,

I will answer myself - yes it works :grinning:

And in connections state i see 10 connections to Wasabi server

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