Wasabi or B2 With Duplicacy (East coast Canada)

Hi everyone, I have around 2 TB of data and I would like to know as for now, should I consider Wasabi or B2 ?

Right now, I tested Wasabi with their 30 days trial and my backup went dead 2-3 times with some Service Unavailable and also Failed to upload the chunk with the us-east-1 server.

I’m using a Bell Canada fibre 1 Gb upload/download.

With Wasabi with -threads 30 I manage to upload between 25 MB/s to 35 MB/s.

I never tested B2 so it’s one of the reason why I’m asking. I plan to use -threads 8 or so. The upload speed is not my priority, I want my backup to upload without any crash.

Finally, what do you use for the prune command when using B2 ? With Wasabi I used the prune command that handle the 90 days retention policy even if I was in my 30 days trail.

I would like to know what is the recommended prune command when use Backblaze B2.

Finally, how many threads are you using with B2, I’m curious to know :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your comments.

This would be my answer :slight_smile:

I think a trial of B2 is on order, but this experience does not look good for Wasabi.