Web Edition - access denied ... cannot be listed

I’ve just started using the Web Edition. I’ve examined some backup logs and see things like this:

WARN LIST_FAILURE Failed to list subdirectory: open \?\C:\Users\Deborah.duplicacy-web\repositories\localhost\0.duplicacy\shadow\Users\Deborah\My Documents: Access is denied.

and later in the log

WARN SKIP_DIRECTORY Subdirectory My Documents/ cannot be listed

I followed the LIST_FAILURE path manually, and there’s no \shadow\Users\Deborah\My Documents. Because the shadow copy was deleted at the end of the backup, I’m sure. But where does “My Documents” come from? My documents folder is “Documents” not “My Documents”.

This is just one example. There are more of these Access denied…failure to list pairs in the logs. The remaining pairs are
Application Data
Start Menu

The backup is set to back up only certain folders in my User folder. I searched and did not find any folders with these names in my User folder. So where to they come from in the log messages?

I think “My Documents” is just a symbolic link (or a junction) to “Documents” which is the real directory.

Those directories should be there. You probably don’t have the permission to view them. A shadow copy won’t create extra inaccessible directories for any reason.

They are some legacy workaround stuff for old windows apps: the folders cannot be accessed (unless you try really hard), but windows apps don’t die (well, some of them) as long as they find the folders there even if the folders are unaccessible.