Web Edition Feature Requests


The web edition is great and I realize it’s just the initial release, but there’s definitely lots of room for improvement. Here are a few ideas:

  1. I’m running backups every 15 minutes, so I have a lot of revisions. Consequently, the Revision dropdown on the Restore screen takes like 30 seconds to populate. When it finally does populate, it’s displayed as a ridiculously long list of revisions. It would be better if the user could select a date and time range from a calendar popup, to filter the list.

  2. When creating a repository, it would be better if we could select the root folder, then check off the sub-folders we want to include in the backup and do this in a single step (multi-select) rather than having to manually exclude folders one at a time. This process became so tedious that I ended up just creating a separate repository for each sub-folder.

  3. We need a screen where we can view all the revisions and check off the ones we want to delete. I know this deletion process can be automated with the prune command and I do use that, but sometimes you need to delete revisions or even entire backup sets manually. There should be a Delete All button to remove an entire backup set. This is particularly important when you’re targeting multiple backup sets to the same storage.

  4. I saw somewhere you mentioned centralized management and I’m wondering what the plan is for this. Instead of having to access a separate web UI for each computer, it would be great to be able to manage all backups across all computers from a single web UI.

  5. Along those same lines, we need some type of heartbeat notification system, so the central server that manages all the backups would keep track of which machines have been backed up. If it notices that a backup has failed from any of the managed machines, it should send an email notification.


Just read your post about wanting a separate post for each feature request. I apologize for violating this etiquette and I will re-post each of these separately. You can delete this post if you want.

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