Web GUI: hard to set schedule time

I’m resuming my tests with the web version and a lot of work has been done since the first releases (it’s becoming a great product!), but there is still a lot to do. Most of the core features have already advanced well, now I think - if you will allow me - that the focus should be on improving the interface.

For example, see how “not friendly” is to set up a schedule for 07:00 pm:

Tale: taking a beating from a time setting

let’s adjust the start time to 07:00pm …
huh? does not change with the button? oh, let’s click inside the field …
huh? does not pass to pm? oh, let’s change the cursor position …
huh? oh, you have to click on the “am”. oh, and now it’s capitalized …



P.S.: A 24h format would be nice.


Yes please!

Or using system locale.


System/browser locale should be the way to go here.


Yes, I agree, same problem with the “maximum run time” (which also isn’t clear if its hh:mm or mm:ss).

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It is possible to detect the hour format in javascript: date - Detect with javascript if user's machine is using 12 hour clock (am/pm) or 24 clock (military time) - Stack Overflow

But will anyone be unhappy if I switch to 24-hour for all? As a user I’m fine with either format.


No, actually I’d prefer it. 24 h FTW


If I’d have to choose one, I’d prefer the 24h. It’s less prone to errors.


Yeah, i’d prefer 24hrs too.

But if there’s a (relatively simple) way to use the system default, that would cover all users preferences i would have thought.

To the OP, i agree the method of changing the time is not very nice to use at all.