Web-GUI: Manual checks, prunes, etc

I couldn’t find a way to set up manually called checks, prunes, etc.
The solution I came up with was to make them scheduled events but I set them to run on NO (zero) days. Thus they are scheduled events that only run when I manually invoke them by hitting the play triangle.
(If there is an easier way without the CLI please tell me)

Of course, the easiest to implement would be to put a “Manual Only” button as an option in the schedule!

But It would be nice to have a section for these with commonly used commands easy to set up, especially for those of us who are less comfortable with using CLI. Maybe for the following commands:

There are also others, but they want the easy viewing of the output, like:
Those would work best if the output could be displayed as a result of running the command instead of just in the log files. That could be more work…