Web-gui - things i noticed




New dabbler here. I’ve just downloaded and started running the web-gui version for Linux and i have some feedback. Sorry if it seems nit-picky - I am unfortunately quite adept at finding little things.

Overall impression: awesome start! Much cleaner and better presented than Duplicati’s, but lacks some useful detail. Also some touches…

  • Lovely presentation.
  • Logical layout (mostly) - nicely sequential.
  • Inconsistent positioning of “+” (bottom left or top right - or both!)
  • Create a wizard.
  • “Setting” - should be “Settings” (with an ‘s’)
  • Storage Configuration: add “…” to “More” and grow the area slightly
  • Storage Configuration: When you click the folder, default not to /root - list connected networks, HOME, MNT and MEDIA instead (with the ability to go to root of for some reason that’s where you’d store stuff).
  • Make pop-up boxes stretchable.
  • I could not figure out how to EDIT a configured storage.
  • Backup: tiny little “-” for the options, and no guidance for how to use it at all. pre-set drop-downs could be awesome here - especially for common things like encryption.
  • When i tried to setup a backup set (or storage?) on my small resolution (VM), i could not click ‘next’ to proceed because it was off the page. Sorry, i can’t remember which screen it was :confused:
  • Schedule: the name of the schedule can slip into the ‘start at’ column if its more than about 10 characters.
  • Send email after completion: include some common server templates - like for gmail - to make it easier for people to input their details. I believe also that some services, like gmail, will require a special code? I had to set up some permissions on Google services for Duplicati to be able to do the emails. Could link to that if that is the case.
  • In various places, make the path fields longer - there’s a lot of horizontal blank space on even 1280x960. To make a bit more room, the left panel could be made somewhat smaller - its wider than it needs to be. Speaking of which, the left panel (menu) is on the left, but when the screen is smaller - the menu icon is on the right. When selected, the panel is on the right.

Sorry again. I hope this is helpful and not seen as a kick in the teeth.