web-GUI - uninstalling 1.2.1 and (re)installing 1.4.1 - lost configs

Is there a guide on how to properly upgrade? I had 1.2.1 (win64) and downloaded and installed 1.4.1 but going to the webui showed that 1.2.1 was still installed. I made the mistake of uninstalling 1.2.1 then reinstalling 1.4.1 and found that all jobs, storage, schedules, etc. were gone. I suppose on a related note, is there an easy way to recover all of that?

On windows you can either install for all users or for current user. There would be two separate locations. You have probably installed now to the other location.

I assume if you now install it the same way as before — you will get your data back. (I don’t think it gets uninstalled. I maybe wrong though)

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Your settings will be in either C:\ProgramData\.duplicacy-web (for all users) or C:\Users\<username>\.duplicacy-web.

If you have both, have a look in the repositories\locahost subdirectories to see if you have numbered folders in there (e.g. 1, 2 etc.). Those represent the backup jobs you set up, so they’ll be present in your real settings location. and you’ll know which is which. (The other one presumably being a blank configuration due to a fresh install.)

Decide if you wanna run for all users (i.e. single bunch of settings for all users once they login, or this same mode can be selected for service mode too) - or, you just want to run under one user account.

So if you want to switch between these, you may have to reinstall depending on where you real settings directory is, and then move the .duplicacy-web to the correct location.

I would always recommend looking in your icon tray to see if Duplicacy is running and Quit it if it is, before doing uninstalls/reinstalls/moving.

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Hey thanks saspus - I will look into it and see if that works.

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