Web-UI Daily Schedule doesn't trigger immediately if more than 1 day has elapsed without backup


I have my duplicacy web-ui schedule set up as follows:

| Type   | Start At | Frequency | Days  |
| Check  | 12am     | Daily     | Daily |
| Prune  | 12.30am  | Daily     | Daily |
| Backup | 1am      | Daily     | Daily |

Say I set up this schedule on Monday, Jan 29 at 6pm for my laptop. The next time I open my laptop is on the Thursday, Feb 1 at 8pm.

I would expect the moment I turn on the laptop on Feb 1 at 8pm, duplicacy should immediately run the check, prune and backup task sequentially.

Instead, when I check the schedule page on web-ui, I see the next run info showing the countdown to the next midnight. Since I’m unlikely to have my machine till then, the backup is unlikely to run.

How can I set the schedule to be daily and run immediately if the last-time the task has run is longer than a day?


I suspect it uses cron so all scheduling will work in a cron-like way.