Web-ui: render and customize cli-command to run - support for fully custom commands

Maybe web-ui will catch up to cover full CLI functionality, but maybe it never will and that is ok.

For such cases, I was thinking that we should be able to assign a fully custom command that would run in the context of a snapshot id or all.
It would just be a couple of field under a scheduled task to run a fully custom command.

I get that is now partially possible via options and global, but we don’t get full functionality sometimes.

I was specifically thinking about the prune command via the web-ui in which we can’t specify -id or a complex retention policy AFAIK. (Am I wrong?)

1-So the idea would be to always render the command that the task was gonna run in an advanced optional field or tab and to give users the ability to customize the command before running.
2-There would be two fields:

2.1 -rendered command radio button: would contain the cli command as per the selected web-ui selected options.
2.2- custom command radio button: editable text field the command to run would be the user-edited command.
3-A warning would be displayed and the task name would change to custom command with an optional label.

4-Coding it would be a matter of a simple logic check to run the user command ind case it exist.
With a simple button to save and validate command. Which would do a dry run in the background or a simple syntax and snapshot id and storage check.

5-This approach has the benefit of keeping the web ui simple for standard users while allowing full customization for advanced users without having to code things twice in the web-ui.
That way @gchen can be fully productive and there is no duplication of work.

What do you guys think about this?

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You can specify fully custom pruning rules. There would be no point in specifying stuff that is already configurable on the GUI — such as storage ID. Everything else is Already fully customizable with two sets of arguments — global and per command.