Web UI "Revisions" Inconsistency

Hi All,

I was looking at the Graph on the dashboard page and it didnt make sense to me as its inconsistent with whats on other pages regarding revisions, so i dug deeper and tbh im a bit confused. screenshots should be able to show why.

for example p:/ has 1 revision (and one backup currently running). the dashboard shows going from 3 to 2, and storage shows it at 1 (which is correct). i have started/stopped the backups sometimes when required, im wondering if this has something to do with it.

screenshots below showing my backups and revisions.


storage page

“checked” button under the check job in schedules

restore page showing revisions

restore page showing revisions.
mixx revisions

The dashboard page shows the number of new revisions created each day. It should be fairly consistent if you manually start or stop backup jobs.

The storage page shows the number of revisions that exist in the storage on each day.

thanks for this.
As i was starting/stopping backups there was more for those days but they hadnt finished before i stopped and started again so it looks like thats where the extras were. ill keep that in mind for future reference

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