Web-ui - secure email?


Is it possible to set up email notifications through SSL on port 465?
I don’t feel like sending everything with plain text on port 587

I was under the impression that web ui uses STARTTLS, doesn’t it?

Support at my provider told me that 587 is the plain text connection.
And that’s the only one that works for me with duplicacy

Port 587 is a standard port for mail submission, and is supposed to be able to handle both encrypted and unencrypted traffic. If both sender and receiver support StartTLS, then all traffic should be automatically encrypted.

That would mean that my provider does not support StartTLS
only SSL on 465

that’s all somehow hard to understand

The 587 port indeed expects plaintext connection, but it can be upgraded to SSL. See this: What is StartTLS? - SendGrid

Also, for sending automated email It’s best to use services designed for this, as opposed to to using your personal human email account (not that I know what you use, but I’ve seen many people use e.g their gmail account, which is sub-optimal for a few reasons). I prefer and recommend Amazon SES, but there are many other options, like MailChimp, MailGun, etc

You can specify port 465 by entering a server address such as example.com:465. The web GUI uses the standard golang smpt library which should switch to TLS if possible.

Thank you all
I guess I will have to try to analyse my traffic to see if it is encrypted or not, but the source of any problems seem to be my provider rather than duplicacy