Web-UI should have a button "Open the Settings folder"

Since checking the logs is the first step in debugging any problem, i think a button “Open the Settings folder” should be added somewhere (in a settings page maybe?).

Note that i haven’t used web-ui at all, this is just what i think after reading a lot of threads in which we always have to tell everyone the path (~/.duplicacy-web/) where the :d: settings folder is.

Having a button which opens that would be helpful and faster. (i’m making the assumption here that all the relevant files and folders (config, logs, filters, etc.) can be found in the same “settings” folder).


Showing where the config files are located and potentially serving up a readonly copy could be useful.(similar to the logfile view which is already in the web interface)

Effectively opening the settings folder is not always possible since you might be accessing the web-UI from a different machine. :slight_smile: