Web UI starts automatically at Windows startup - and I don't know why

This all started with me having the previously reported “Can’t start the web server at…” error when I try to use the Duplicacy Web Edition shortcut. (So the shortcut is useless, but I have no problem starting the Web UI when I type the address in a browser. In fact, I only have to type 127 and Chrome remembers the rest.)

But I am trying to solve the problem anyway. I rebooted from scratch and indeed there is something already listening on port 3875 - and it is duplicacy_web_win_x64_1.5.0.exe. Task manager shows duplicacy_web_win_x64_1.5.0.exe running, both under the Apps and Background Processes sections. No Duplicacy or Acrosync item is listed under the startup tab of Task Manager.

Duplicacy Web is installed for all users, and the service is installed and running. There was no previous version of Duplicacy Web installed on this PC, and Duplicacy Web was never installed for single user (no service). Why is Duplicacy Web auto starting? How can I fix things so the shortcut works?

If there isn’t a Duplicacy icon in the system tray icon then it must be the service that is running. To stop auto-start, select the Duplicacy service after running the Windows Service Manager, select Properties, then change the startup type to Manual.

Alternatively, you may have the “Start on login” option checked on the icon tray…

Duplicacy under service mode doesn’t have an icon tray mode, so if you want to keep service mode, uncheck that option and avoid the desktop shortcut completely. (If you can’t get to the icon tray coz the service is running, stop the service first, run Duplicacy from the desktop, uncheck and Quit, then start the service again.)

In fact, delete the shortcut and replace it with a bookmark to coz that’s all you’ll need from now on.

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@gchen I changed the service to manual start and rebooted. I checked service manager and, as expected, the Duplicacy service was not running. Duplicacy started from its shortcut, but did not start the service. Since the service wasn’t running, Duplicacy started up in not-service, not-for-all-users mode, did not check the setup info in Program Data, and opened at the beginning of the setup process. In fact, I see it made a new folder under C:\Users\Username. I will delete it, of course. (Anyway, this solution would not have worked for me, as I sometimes depend on Duplicacy running its schedule without me being logged in.)

@Droolio Thanks. I did not have 'Start on login" checked, yet I still had this “can’t start the web server…” issue with the shortcut. Anyway, I deleted the shortcut as you suggested.

I said in my first post

I don’t understand why there’s a shortcut provided that doesn’t work for us Service mode users, but the above is a satisfactory solution.

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