Web version - config backup

I’m continuing the tests with the web version, now evaluating what to do if the - many - settings are corrupted / lost.

To do this, I stopped the program and deleted the ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/ folder.

When I reactivated, it recreated the folder (but empty). However, everything is in the web interface: storages, backups, schedules. I know that this information is in json. It will generate preferences files at run time.

The question is: to back up my settings, do I just need to back up the items below?

  • the json file
  • keyring (?)
  • filters folder

EDIT: Compiled response. You should back up:

  • duplicacy.json
  • settings.json
  • ~/.duplicacy-web/filters/

You need to backup duplicacy.json, settings.json, and repositories/localhost/*/.duplicacy/filters.

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Ok, but this part I didn’t understand:

If I completely delete the repositories folder (as i did), when it restarts it recreates the filters based on the filters folder, no? I didn’t lose any filters when deleting the repositories folder …

Sorry I forgot about this: filters are saved under ~/.duplicacy-web/filters/localhost/* and copied to the respective locations under repositories/localhost/*/.duplicacy/ before backup jobs are executed. So you’ll just need to backup ~/.duplicacy-web/filters/.

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