Web version disaster recovery test


I’m running a DR test and need help
I took a customers backup from 3 weeks ago and recovered it on another machine
i installed the web version and added the storage information for B2 and thats where i am stuck

I found a restore screen where you can pick the old machines backup id… however its just stuck with the following message
“listing revisions of backup Machine-d in the storage”
its been stuck like this for hours… is this normal??

question 2… if and when i finally get this thing to list files available to restore how would i find all the files that in the B2 storage and have changed after 6/17/19?


ok so after half a day it errors out with a network connection error

as a side note there are 7,574 snapshots in this B2 bucket…

Can you run the CLI version as follows to see how slow the list command is:

cd ~/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/all
~/.duplicacy-web/bin/duplicacy_osx_x64_2.2.3 list -log -storage storage_name -id backup_id

the web interface eventually downloads…
there just seems to be an issue with B2… there were only a couple hundred megs of repository files but it failed to download them and started them over so many times that it cost me 9gb in B2… ehhhh whatever…

So the issue is this… i kind of figured it out while going through the repository… and looking through the windows logs… this pc’s HD is failing and kicking back all sorts of smart errors…

after looking through the files that can restored it appears with the drive failure it tried to start the backup from scratch and was backing up files from 8 years ago that were already on B2… any idea what this would happen?