WebDAV backup prompt: failed to download the configuration file from the storage: moved permanently

Running backup command from C:\Users\qing/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/0 to back up D:/FTP
Options: [-log backup -storage test -threads 4 -stats]
2022-05-26 16:20:55.490 INFO REPOSITORY_SET Repository set to D:/FTP
2022-05-26 16:20:55.503 INFO STORAGE_SET Storage set to webdav://username@pan.i95cloud.com/dav/ccc
2022-05-26 16:20:59.189 ERROR STORAGE_CONFIG Failed to download the configuration file from the storage: Moved permanently
Failed to download the configuration file from the storage: Moved permanently

It seems that I’ve been having some issues with my WebDAV server at home recently. On Tuesday night, March 8th, 2019, I attempted to upload a new backup configuration file to my webdav server, but was met with an error message saying “failed to download the configuration file”, followed by this text: “Failed to save the configuration file! : moved permanently to /var/backups/backup-moved.db” (the latter of these two lines were underlined). When I tried to restore the configuration file to its original location later that day, however, it did not work. After trying out several different methods to try to restore the configuration file, I finally decided to just delete the files entirely and restart the service. This time, everything went smoothly and I was able to successfully retrieve my configuration files. My problem seemed to have ended, except that it came back again on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, the same thing happened again; when I attempted to load the configuration file, I received the following message: “failed to download your configuration file from the storage. Please check the path of the configuration file again.” I then proceeded to attempt to restore the configuration file again, but since there was no longer any ‘file’ in the folder where my configuration file had been stored earlier, I wasn’t sure what to do. At this point, I figured that the only way to fix this issue would be to completely reset the server. So, yesterday evening I deleted my backups directory and started over again. However, the same old error message popped up again after deleting the old configuration file and creating a new one. So, I started looking around online and saw that there was a whole bunch of people who were facing similar problems with their own WebDAV servers. One person even suggested that maybe there was something wrong with the files themselves, but I don’t think this could be possible, because I can still access them through my normal web browser. I am using Nautilus File Browser to view the files at the moment, though. Can anyone provide me with any insight into this? I really need help fixing this problem, as I’ve been unable to find anything about it anywhere else.
Thanks in advance!


The answer here is simply that the directory permissions are incorrect.