Webdav nextcloud


i want to use Nextcloud webdav storage as backup location for duplicacy.
I use duplicacy on win 7 pro with gui to setup the backup.

here my settings:
Storage Setup

After klick to done, i get following Message:

Running: duplicacy -background -log info -repository "c:\user\user\dwonloads" - Storage name gui1 "webdav://musername@https://yy.xxx.de/nextcloud/remote.php/webdav//backup"

In the background i see the windows, i should select repository id, but i can not select it.
After 5 minutes i get the following error message:

ERROR Failed to load the WebDAV storage at
Maximum backoff reached


I set verbose logging on and get this error message:

URL request 'PROPFIND /yy.xxx.de/nextcloud/remote.php/webdav//backup/' returned an error (Propfind https://https//yy.xxx.de/nextcloud/remote.php/webdav//backup/: dial tcp: lookup https: no such host)


I don’t know much about the webdav setup, but I question whether the server url should have https:// in it? Seems that’s automatically prepended anyway.


Hello, did you try debug parametr? Duplicacy have problem with certificate handling


While not answering your question directly — why do you want to do that? From your question it seems the server is under your control so you can chose any protocol you want — why do you select the most high overhead and least performant or secure one — literally the one running over a webserver — as opposed to SFTP or even SMB? WebDav was not designed for bulk file storage, you will have all sorts of issues trying to use it that way.

I can understand (or should I say tolerate) webdav when this is the only interface available to some third party storage; but even then to justify all the hassle with it the cost savings should be very significant. (Still, I don’t know of any third party storage provider that uses WebDav and does not suck.)

In other words, I would reconsider your choice of server. SSH with key based auth will be way more robust, secure and bug free.


I agree WebDav is not the best choice here. But if you has no other options and really want to make it work, remove https:// from the storage url. It is being interpreted by Duplicacy as part of the host name.


Thanks for information, i solved it.

Server is:

For the moment it is ok to backup to webdav but longtime i will switch to sftp.