What hash format is used with "list -files"


When the files of a snapshot are listed using the CLI command “duplicacy list -files -r 85” (for example), it might look like this:

  1172 2007-08-04 09:27:58 8e7ce95e0def44579b0d5449ff50665ba1ed90e905ca913821744ecbff6b9035 path/to/my/file

What hash algorithm is used here and what is included in the contents that are fed to the hash?

The reason I ask is that I thought it might be SHA1 or SHA256, but when I compute the SHA1 or SHA256 of the file contents on my own, it does not match the hash shown.

Thank you!

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We use BLAKE2b: GitHub - minio/blake2b-simd: Fast hashing using pure Go implementation of BLAKE2b with SIMD instructions


Thank you! I found a ‘b2sum’ binary for Linux and the hash generated matches the hash from duplicacy.


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