What is taking up storage space?

Is there a way to tell what files and/or revisions are taking up storage space? While I’m figuring out what my exclude list should be, it would be helpful to see what files are contributing to the growing storage size.

I realize that this is complicated by chunks potentially being shared between revisions and files. Something that would say that “this group of chunks is only used by this one big file” would be nice.

The -tabular option of the check command will give you part of the information you want, regarding the size of revisions and the presence of unique chunks:

But no file-level information…

Is it possible to get that data from the webui? I haven’t figured out yet how to use the CLI on Windows.

Yes, setup a new “schedule” (if you want to run it manually just uncheck all the scheduling options), add a check job, run it and when it finishes see the log. The -tabular option is enabled by default.

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