What is the process to extend a license?

I’ve extended my license via the webpage (before it expired) but so far on one device at least it’s saying it’s expired (none of the devices are in my control - family members). I think this, or something similar happened last year to me but i can’t find my post.

Does one need to manually update this license number for an extension? The instructions in the email seem to be for a new license (i’m renewing, not activating):

To activate a commerical or personal license, go to the Backup page in Duplicacy
Web Edition, click the link next to the ‘localhost’ label, and then you’ll be
able to enter the license code.


I think the instructions are the same — go through that process and add the license again. It should refresh the expiration date.

Thanks. It’s a bit of an annoyance as the devices are my family’s, so i need to go there, or take remote control (they’re old folks - i am their helpdesk).

TeamViewer told me last night that i’m a commercial user so kicked me out. I’m not - i have 3 computers in my TeamViewer profile. Rather irritating, i might try AnyDesk in the future.

Oh, I abandoned team-viewer LONG ago for exact same reason. They asked me to send them affidavit that I’m a non-commercial user, and then a week later kicked me again. Ugh.

My solution: On every machine is installed ZeroTier and remote access enabled (RDP on windows, Remote Management on Macs).

This not only brings machines together into a LAN that just works regardless of ISP, blocks, double NAT, or what not, to allow remote support, but also lets seamlessly backup to my local storage. Which kind of happened on accident – I’ve configured Time Machine backup on one of the Macs when it was local, and noticed that it continues backup across the half of the planet now. Which is pretty awesome – I did not realize mDNS would “just work” and resilience will be excellent.

Anyway, to end this rant – consider zerotier+native remote access tools for the target OS.


Thanks for the suggestion. A friend suggested the same thing to me last night. I’ll have to look at it one day. I’ve got far too many things to look into :frowning:

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