What is the suggested way to merge two different storages that are impompatible?

I am trying to consolidate an old storage a few unique Snapshots from an old HDD into a relatively new storage (on a larger and faster HDD). While the snapshots are different, I expect quite a bit of duplicates and so want to also save space.

I tried COPY operation using Web app - but looks like the two storages are not compatible - I was not expecting them to be different - but looks like they are.

Two questions

  1. What is the suggested way forward here? I am ok with letting go of the old Revs, but I was hoping I can avoid doing a restore the last rev of β€œeach of the snapshots on the old storage” and doing a new backup.

  2. How to identify what difference caused the incompatibility? (Web App)

For the copy operation to work, the second storage must be created as copy compatible to the first storage. There is no way to copy backups between these 2 storages if this option was set when creating the second storage.


How to identify what difference is resulting in the incompatibility?

I expected them to be similar. So, just want to see what to pay attention to (besides just using copy compatible flag).

My understanding is that copy operation unpacks, decrypts, repacks, and re-encrypts data. So why are not all storages copy compatible by design? What am I missing?

With bit-identical it’s clear β€” same encryption keys. What does copy compatible flag actually do?

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