When repository is remote

Is it possible to use duplicacy to backup data on remote server that I can ssh into (to local hard drive connected to my laptop)? i.e., the ‘repository’ is remote.

It can’t. The repository must be local or on a network share.

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Could SSHFS help here?

Edit: Or even Rclone with mounted SFTP storage?

Thanks for the reply. Yea, I guess with something like sshfs to mount directories to my laptop, it should be possible.

Maybe you can run it on your remote server.

I can run it on the remote server(linux, the binary works), but I don’t know how to refer back to the ‘storage’ at my laptop, which is not a exposed ‘server’.

Why not run it on both the server and laptop?

Sorry, but how does that help?

Running duplicacy on both machines is not a problem but as I said, I don’t know how to refer back to my local laptop from the remote server which I can ssh into (without going through something else).

I suppose another solution is to run and make backup on the remote server and rsync the storage back to my external drive… but I have limited disk space on that machine and was just wondering if there is a better way.

Sorry, I glossed over the part where the storage is locally attached to your laptop – and the storage is an external drive that isn’t accessible remotely.

You could run a local sftp server and use dyndns to publish your machine to the web