When will Web version get Google Drive Support again?

Like the title says, Google Drive is effectively dead for the Web version, I’d love to be a paying customer but the Web version is no usable anymore for G.Drive as you cannot use the baked in Gdrive authorization anymore, all you get is rate limit exceeded trying to even initialize a storage repo.

Trying the alternate method of setting up a service account in my gsuite cloud is also broken because the Web version will not respect impersonation of the service account to my Gdrive where I have 30TB of storage capacity. So all that together effectively renders G.Drive support null for the paid Duplicacy. Yet the free open source CLI version will work thanks to a forum members contributions a long time ago but these were never put into production.

Any chance we can get even a beta release or even a forum only release of the Web GUI version of duplicacy that contains the updates so that impersonation works again?

I’d truly love to use this software as Rclone in TrueNAS is horrifyingly slow as I watch it move files at 100KB/s on my connection that has 2.3Gb/s upload.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The workaround is to build the duplicacy CLI with impersonation support, that has been merged last year, and replace the binary under .duplicacy_web/bin, as discussed in this thread.

So the question becomes “when will this be released in duplicacy cli”? Current release is 2 years old.

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That’s strange because I use Google Drive for quite a few of my storage repositories via the Web GUI.

Not sure what I’m missing. I just supplied my gsd token and it worked fine.

I’m definitely no Duplicacy expert but I had no issues setting up remote storage with Google Drive

Has nothing to do with setup, the token authenticated just fine, appears to be an issue with the service account that lets everyone authenticate running out of quota.

The workaround only works for people with G.Suite accounts which I am fortunate enough to have through a family business, but even the workaround requires people to build from source, replace executables. Would be nice to get some more clear direction from the developer, especially for payware, an official release that includes the impersonation fix would be a good first step

With all that said Duplicacy seems pretty great and I appreciate the efforts of the developer and I’m def planning on paying up before the trial is over.

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