Where is .duplicacy_web folder in the Docker verison


Sry to bother, trying to create pre and post scripts checking out the tutorials and everyone directs to put them inside the .duplicacy_web folder which for the love of me I can’t find.

I’m using the docker web image

Can someone help me understand where those folders are?

p.s. SSHing into the docker can’t find the folder “~/.duplicacy_web” too

Checking the LOGs and found out where the folder is:

2024/06/12 10:23:54 Failed to read the stat file for storage 'duplicacy-appdata-tmc': open /home/duplicacy/.duplicacy-web/stats/storages/duplicacy-appdata-tmc.stats: no such file or directory

Thanks to this errors, not sure what they are saying, and the .duplicacy-web folder is empty.

Is this expected behavior?

Alrighty, it’s not empty. It’s only empty if I try to mount the folder so I can access it from my system.

The issue is probably the USER that is using those files. Its duplicac:duplicac and I’m mounting it with 1000:1000

heh huh hmm

it’s /config folder in the container, that is exposed as a volume and should be mapped to outside.


But I think you need /cache folder, which replaces ~/.duplicacy_web/repositories:


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