Where to check chunk size settings?


I’m using CLI version - and I have created a different chunk size during init command. And that works fine.
But how/where can I check/verify which chunk size it is? E.g. after 2 months I forgot which one it is.

In .duplicacy/preferences there’s no such property. So how duplicacy knows which chunk size to use? Is it in encrypted config file on remote storage?

Yes that information is stored in the encrypted config file. You can run the list command with the -d option to see the sizes:

$duplicacy -d list
Average chunk size: 4194304
Maximum chunk size: 16777216
Minimum chunk size: 1048576
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Great, thanks!

Average chunk size: 67108864
Maximum chunk size: 67108864
Minimum chunk size: 67108864

exactly in my case I decided to use 64 MB chunks since contents are just large single GZ files (DB backups).

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