Why my files are uploaded as chunks & snapshot?

I’m new to Duplicacy and trying it out. I’m uploading files to Backblaze B2. I notice that my files are converted to chunks, snapshots and config. Is this normal? How can I view my files the way it was on local? For example, if I upload a jpg file, I should see also jpg file in B2. Or if zip file, I should also see in zip file.

I tried to use Google Drive and it was the same. So I think this is not related to B2. It’s related to Duplicacy.

Please refer to this thread: File Format/ Accessbility

And if you want more in-depth information — see the document linked here: Duplicacy paper accepted by IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing

TLDR: if your backup software leaves files plaintext at the destination — it’s not a backup software and you should stop using it for backup, for many reasons. Virtually any backup tool worth its salt inevitably keeps the data in the opaque datastore. Moreover, what you see as a “jpeg file on B2” is an illusion. There is no such thing. B2 stores data as blocks and chunks and uses software to reinterpret that as files. Just like duplicacy does. Hence, you should use duplicacy to see your files. The first link contains more in-depth explanation

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