Windows CLI to Synology - Can't init

Running the CLI in Windows 10x64… I am struggling to init w/Synology NAS. Here’s my attempts…

duplicacy.exe init mytest smb://

smb: apparently initializes to my Win10 machine, creating a folder “”, but does not connect to the NAS via smb.

duplicacy.exe init mytest sftp://
(where 9876 is the SFTP port).

sftp: requests login info (which I provide) but then asks for the path of the private key file (there is none). Running duplicacy-web on the Syno NAS, I’m able to create an sftp connection to a second NAS without entering a private key. But I don’t see how to do this using the CLI. If I simply use the “enter” key at that step, I get …

Failed to load the sftp storage at // handshake failed: ssh: unable to authenticate, attempted methods [none password publickey], no supported methods remain

What am I overlooking? Thank you.

The user name is missing from the storage url. It should be:

duplicacy.exe init mytest sftp://user@

Thank you. I missed that completely.

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