Would restarting a "Restore" operation after interrupting (Ctrl+C) a previous run really restart where the previous run was left?

I have seen forum answers about “backup” being able to take off right from the place where the interrupt happened. Does the “restore” operation also work the same way?

I had to interrupt and restart and the command did something for a good 10 min or so and started with downloading chunk 1 and failed saying that the file existing and I should use “-overwrite” option.

  • But as per documentation this option would result in the command overwriting existing files and that would mean all the progress made before the operation was interrupted is all wasted.

So, is there anyway to have the “restore” operation start from the place it got interrupted?

Note: Don’t know if it matters - but I am trying to restore revision # 1 of a snapshot to a new HDD. It is a large restore (8+TB) - so hoping to avoid restarting the entire restore operation.