Writing malform pref files

Using the web ui

This is the second time this as happened after manually fixing the problem.

In my scheduled check and prune jobs, I see failed.

The full error message (after clicking on failed) is

Running check command from /Users/michaelglass/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/all
Options: [-log check -storage duplicacy -a -tabular]
2019-05-15 12:00:01.991 ERROR PREFERENCE_PARSE Failed to parse the preference file for repository /Users/michaelglass/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/all: invalid character ']' after top-level value
$ tail -n 3 /Users/michaelglass/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/all

Something must be mis-serializing the pref files to include that extra ]

Duplicacy-Web 1.0
Duplicacy 2.2
Mac 10.4.4

This is caused by multiple jobs attempting to create the same preferences file at the exact same moment. I’ll fix it in 1.0.1.

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Not sure if this is helpful but I get the same error with check and prune operations, except that the character identifies is ‘}’ and the end of the /localhost/all file for me is has that same character between the two square closing brackets.

If you schedule a check job and a prune job to run at the same time then there is a change that both jobs will attempt to write to the same preference file. I’ll fix this in the next update but a workaround at this time is to modify the time of one job so that they will run, say, a minute apart.

Hey thanks for the tip Gilbert. That worked perfectly.