WTF with the Prune retention policy

Honestly, Duplicacy looks reay good, and I’ve tried it for the last couple of days. But seriously, wtf with the retention policy? It’s so confusing, and if you want any Windows / Normal peeps using this, you should really look at making a change. All the most popular commercial backup software isn’t this confusing!

The prune policy is quite flexible and unless you need to heavily customize it the default template provided by the web ui is sufficient.

Different does not mean worse. I, on the contrary, find it quite simple to use. It’s straightforward and reads like plain language.

Do you have any constructive suggestions, or this is subjective “first impressions” feedback?

Though it can be a little unintuitive, the prune settings (interval:age) are based on exactly how the prune operation is coded - i.e. prune snapshots in decreasing order of age, test if the corresponding interval between two snapshots meets the criteria.

So changing the policy configuration could involve an unnecessary rewrite of the code (which works pretty well as-is), or at the least, converting a less flexible syntax into what Duplicacy currently understands. By less flexible, I mean it might have to assume retention periods are more fixed - e.g. hourly, daily, weekly, monthly - instead of right now, when we can set our own periods based on however many days we choose.

Other solutions aren’t exactly straightforward, either. For example, Proxmox Backup Server has a simulator to help you wrap your head around the policy.

Complexity is relative, but you generally only have to set it once and forget about it, so I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Instead, what would be nice to see is a Duplicacy prune simulator/calculator/converter page, which can spit out the correct syntax as well as visualise it…

Apologies, my post wasn’t very constructive, long night messing with linux services. I was referring to what backup solutions such as veeam or nakivo show in their retention policies. Actually nakivo looks very similar to duplicacy but it’s easier to understand.

But i understand duplicacy is more flexibility. I had no idea proxmox had a simulator that would be great if it could be implemented for duplicacy.

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