2023 Black Friday Offer: Lifetime Personal Licenses (ended)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Our annual Black Friday deal is now live!

You can upgrade your existing personal licenses to lifetime. Simply log into https://duplicacy.com/licenses , select the licenses that you want to upgrade, and click Renew existing licenses. On the following page, there will be an option for the lifetime upgrade.

The upgrade cost is equivalent to a 10-year license’s price, minus what you’ve already paid. So, the total cost of a lifetime license will be $65 for the first license, and $28 for each additional one. For instance, if you have a 1-year license, the upgrade will cost you $45 ($65 - $20). For each extra 1-year license, the upgrade will be $18 ($28 - $10).

Please double check the total amount shown on the license order form before submitting the order. If anything looks off please reply below to report the issue.

Edit: The offer is no longer available. Thank you for all the support. If you didn’t catch the deal, you can still purchase a 1-year license now and have the option to upgrade to a lifetime license next Thanksgiving.


HI gchen,

Thank you for making a good product. Thank you for always offering an opportunity where everyone (seemingly) wins on Black Friday.

I re-did my backup strategy this year, and this annual black friday lifetime deal was key in my eventually going with Duplicacy for it.

EDIT: I am not American, but just in case you are, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. :slight_smile:

I cannot seem to buy new licenses for the additional license price. Every time I input any of my personal license codes, it just shows $20 + $5/yr pricing

Edit: having the same issue as this : 2022 Black Friday Offer: Lifetime Personal Licenses (ended) - #4 by 8b0305b8e2de935d108c

Awesome. Thx!!
Great Software!

Thank you, i upgraded my recently purchased additional license. :slight_smile:

I don’t see a lifetime option after clicking the Renew button? I just see the usual selection of 1/2/3/4/5 years?

Thank you @gchen for an amazing product and a great offer on Black Friday. Every time I have to use Duplicacy to restore a file and it works exactly as expected, I marvel at what an amazing value this software is.

I just updated 4 licenses to lifetime. Thank you again.

Thank you for this promotion and for the software!

You’ll need to enter the license code of your first license as the promo code to get the discount for additional licenses.

The lifetime upgrade is for personal licenses only.

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Worked perfectly, both my licenses are now lifetime… thanks gchen!

I tried all 4 of my codes, and none worked


I’ve tried to upgrade to the lifetime personal licence.

I have one existing personal licence, which is about a year old. I logged into Log in required and used the host name and my existing key from there in the Duplicacy License Order box that appears when I click the Renew existing licenses button.

I then selected the lifetime option, but whether I try the PayPal or card payment option, I get the same error: “Invalid promotional code”.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

I just sent you a PM. It should be fixed now.

There is no need to enter a promotional code when you upgrade your first license. Leave the box blank and try again.

That got it- thank you

It worked. Thanks :slight_smile:

I am having issue activating the lifetime license. When I tried to enter license, I got the error “Failed to update the license file: invalid character ‘\x00’ looking for beginning of value”… Am I doing something wrong?

There is likely a firewall that blocks the connection to our license server running on https://duplicacy.com.

Another year, another missed opportunity! :confounded:

It’d be great if you could announce this offer a week or so ahead of time some year, so it doesn’t get overlooked.