Add multiple PCs to one Web GUI

I would love to use Duplicacy for my family’s backup solution and have no problem buying the licenses required. However, the real showstopper for me at the moment is lack of a unified web GUI that runs in a centralized location. Having to configure and maintain each PC or login to each target machine for config changes/restores is less than ideal. Looking through the web server config .json and interface itself it would appear the web service installed on one server machine could handle connecting to headless Duplicacy installations (daemons/services) on multiple client hosts hosts.

While I understand some folks simply want to back up a single PC via the web GUI it would be absolutely killer to have the option to “de-couple” the web server from the underlying Duplicacy client software which performs the actual backups/restores. This is quite literally the only thing holding me back from Duplicacy at present and it would be amazing to see this type of implementation be supported by the software.


The web GUI was designed with the goal to support multiple clients from the beginning, but unfortunately I never got to the stage to actually implement this feature.

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Happy to hear this is was the original design intention. Hopefully there will be some place for it on the features roadmap. I certainly understand you cannot rush greatness. Thank you for the reply and all your work on this great piece of software.