Backblaze B2 Application Keys

BackBlaze’s B2 (finally) supports separate keys for separate applications. See Application Keys and Should we create a new Backblaze account for each app we use Cloud Storage for since we only get one application key? : backblaze

I’ve been unable to figure out how to use them with duplicacy. The “global” account id and key work fine, but I get:

URL request '' returned status code 400

when I try to use the application specific key and id. It would be great to be able to use these, it would keep potential damage from key compromise much more contained.

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Right, i started with duplicacy just today and couldn’t figure out for a 1st few times what was wrong before actually trying out the master key which worked. The application-keys result in authentication failure.

This is an issue with the b2_list_buckets api call – it should have returned the bucket(s) that the application key can access. I just received a message from Backblaze saying that this will be fixed by Aug 16th. If you can’t wait then you can try to build your own binary from the PR contributed by bekriebel: b2client: Add the ability to use a restricted Application ID by bekriebel · Pull Request #475 · gilbertchen/duplicacy · GitHub


Well, it’s August 22. Where can we follow this modification of the B2 API, scheduled for the 16th? Do you know if it has already been implemented? Is it necessary to rebuild Duplicacy or is it simply a “B2 side” modification?

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This should be fixed by Get accountID from b2_authorize_account and supply it to b2_list_buckets · gilbertchen/duplicacy@674d35e · GitHub

I thought this was supposed to be a “B2 side” modification only but it turns out that the account id is still needed by b2_list_buckets when an application key is used.


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