Backblaze B2 how to pick cloudflare CDN?

I am testing uploading to backblaze B2 and can download for free id using cloudflare CDN

Here comes the dumb question, I have never downloaded or exported anything out of B2 yet. How do you select a CDN. How do I make sure I select cloudflare.

Not sure how that works when I click on restore with duplicacy

have a look at this comment

Once I have my cnames set up , I am not understanding how to put bucket link into duplicacy GUI

Current when I set it up , the bucket auto populates when I put the key details in.

Is this because I hit that green button ? Assuming I just need to paste the entire private link in the bucket name vs hitting that green button that auto populates the bucket name ?

Did you read the comment I’ve linked to and links from there, specifically this one:

You can create another B2 storage in WebUI for restore-only,. pointing to the same place, and then replace the URL in the duplicacy.json

Also, ensure you use paid Cloudflare account, I don’t recommend trying this on a free one, it would be a violation of their ToS

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I did see that comment, but was confused as it looked like they where editing code in the GUI to test that out. Now I understand, create an new storage and name it something like restore, then edit that JSON and put the CDN name in its place with the bucket named appended on it.

thanks for stepping me through it !

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