Backup size larger than source repository sizes

I just successfully created a backup of two repositories (two directories) into a single external HDD storage. Combined size of source is ~203 GB while it looks like the combined backup storage’s size is ~957 GB.

Its very surprising as there are a lot of repeat files - so I was seriously expecting a smaller total storage footprint due to de-duplication and compression. I just used the default settings for compression - didn’t set anything custom.

How can I debug further?

Could you share the output of duplicacy check -tabular?

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Here is the output - I ran the command duplicacy check -tabular from both the repositories I took backup from - wasn’t sure what you are looking for.

Is that two seperate storages or one? (Note that you can get the tabular stats of all the snapshot/repositories in a storage all at once for check if you use the -all option in addition.)

You say that the combined size of both repositories is 203GB but your second run of check clearly shows it’s actually about 1.4TB and 370K thousand and not just 24K. This compressed down to the 957GB.

My suggestion would be to run Wiztree (‘run as administrator’) to get a better picture of how big those directories actually are.


Whoa … how can Windows 10 be that off the mark?

You are right - Wiztree is showing the larger repo of the two to be ~1.4TB, while Windows Explorer is showing the same directory’s size to be 192GB :open_mouth:

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What is the version of your Windows? Is there an “applications” folder inside your repository?

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Windows 10 Ver 1803.

About ‘applications’ folder - there might be as it is a collection of dumps I took over a decade from old laptops. Finally starting to clean up - but wanted to take a backup before starting the ordeal.

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Take a look: :wink:

Windows File Explorer Not Showing Correct Folder Size If Folder Named ‘Applications’

Since installing the 1803 update,…


1909 was released just a couple weeks ago - sounds like updating to that might fix it, but if it doesn’t, it’s probably a permissions issue on those directories and they may need resetting.


If anyone else besides me was confused why the duplicacy check -tabular command didn’t imply -all even though the documentation and CLI help text says it does, I seemingly ran into this bug.


I read that doc and was wondering about it - thanks for the reference.