Bug : WebUI: Wrongly showing a Job as "Running" when it is not

I created a schedule job to run a “Check” operation on two different but had to abort one of them.

After that - not sure how Duplicacy got into this state - but here is what I am seeing

  • The schedule is showing as “Running” but as you can see from status column, one of the option completed successfully and a second one was aborted
  • I cannot delete the schedule or add any other jobs to it
  • When clicking on the STOP icon (the square green colored image) - the status icon changes to PLAY icon for a moment before returning to STOP icon again.

I had to stop Duplicacy and restart it and only then the app went back to expected state.

This can happen if you delete another schedule while the current one is running: Duplicacy job status still "Running" after completion

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