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I had a user manually delete some chunks of his backup. Duplicacy is obviously complaining about missing chunks. Where can I find documentation on telling Duplicacy to stop complaining, and just get-on with future backups–since I can’t magically recreate those missing chunks?

It can’t really stop complaining because subsequent backups may depend on missing chunks.

You need to either heal the datastore or delete bad snapshots. Better yet — do both, in that order.

To attemp to heal you can configure a new backup with different snapshot ID into the same storage and make initial backup.

There is possibility that in the process duplicacy will pack the same files the same way and therefore end up creating the same chunk file. Since it’s missing from the datastore — it will upload it — thereby healing your original backup as a side effect.

Then you can delete the new snapshot ID, and prune the datastore to get rid of orphaned new chunks.

Then run check again. Best case — no snapshots with missing chunks will be found; you are done. Otherwise — delete the remaining bad snapshots (manually if you want) and prune the datastore.


That sounds like what I need. Where do I find the full documentation for the web version? Prune is particularly poorly documented with regard to the web version. -all -exhaustive -exclusive …and what commands can be used together, etc.

It’s all here Duplicacy User Guide. Specifically for prune: Prune command details. It’s pretty exhaustive.

Web version is not special in any way; it’s just a wrapper for convenience, that also allows to edit parameters passed to the duplicacy cli to some degree. The latter does all the work anyway.

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